A Home for the Metanoia Center

On Wednesday, January 29th, the Community Improvement Committee of the Village of Lockland met, and voted, to sell 113 N. Wayne Avenue to the Metanoia Center!

While we’re awaiting the legal transfer of the deed and the final paperwork to be satisfied, we are moving forward to begin the process of ownership and repairing and rehabbing the building.



  Keep Informed


113 N. Wayne Ave.

Our Immediate Next Steps

  • Purchase property and liability insurance. COMPLETED
  • Transfer all utilities into the name of the Metanoia Center. COMPLETED
  • Secure the front entry doors with locks. COMPLETED
  • Repair the roof! Underway
  • Take bids for cleaning out of trash waste on the main floor and have the work completed. Underway
  • Lay out a formal plan to begin tearing out of the 2nd floor apartments.
  • Lay out a formal plan to begin tearing out of the main floor.

What You Can Do Now

  • Keep praying!
  • Signup for our newsletter to ensure you stay up to date as things unfold for the Metanoia Center – including volunteer opportunities to tear out and repair the building. Signup Here!
  • We will keep you informed of when and where you can plugin to volunteer to help!


We are estimating that the cost to repair and rehab the building to be in the range of $50,000 to $100,000.  We are looking at a variety of ways to fund this effort from applying for grants, to donations, and gifts in kind! We have estimated immediate needs of at least $10,000 for the items in the Our Immediate Next Steps listed above!  These needs must be accomplished before we can open our doors for volunteers to come and work.

How You Can Help Financially Right Away

Mail a check to the Metanoia Center!
When you mail a check, we receive 100% of the check amount as there are no donation transaction fees involved.  Your check can be mailed to our business office at Metanoia Center, 316 Home Ave., Lockland, OH, 45215.

Donate Online
On this page of our website are several ways you can donate online such as through SimpleGive!

We are very excited about how God has answered our prayers over the last three years for ministering in the Village of Lockland and surrounding communities!  Having our own building will greatly expand the capabilities of the Metanoia Center.  And, it will also give other partnering ministries a base from which to work.  

Rehabbing this building is a huge undertaking. We are confident, because of our great God, it will be a tangible example of “metanoia change” happening in our community.   With your prayers, help and involvement we’ll be taking a building that is damaged, beaten up, smells bad, looks bad, and that has been abused, rejected and tossed aside and transforming it to a new life – a new purpose (metanoia).