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$5,000.00 Matching Gift

A Home for the Metanoia Center

A friend of the Metanoia Center is providing us with a "matched gift" opportunity in the amount of $5,000.00. This is a dollar-to-dollar match. They will match every dollar donated, up to $5,000.00.

A donation by check, or online, or cash in person will help us reach the $5,000.00 goal!

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Progress Towards Reaching $5,000

Started On: 2/27/2020
Last Updated: 3/09/2020
Match Expires: 3/31/2020

$5201.00 Received


Our very first matching gift of $10,000.00 was accomplished in 21 days!
Check out the results here!

Donation Options

  A Home for the Metanoia Center

  Donate By Check

We receive 100% of your donation when you do so by check. There are no service or online transactions fees.

Mail your Matching Gift Donation to:

Metanoia Center
316 Home Ave.
Lockland, OH 45215

  Donate Online Thru SimpleGive

SimpleGive is the fastest way to send your donation to the Metanoia Center. You'll have the option of submitting your donation with a debit, credit card or bank account. There is a small service fee from SimpleGive which you will have the choice of covering. And, you can also set up your donation to be automatic and recurring by creating an account where you can manage your donation activity.

  Donate Now

  Donate Online Thru PayPal

PayPal is safe and secure and used by millions worldwide. You'll have the option of submitting your donation with a debit or credit card and to make your donation recurring. Of the three options listed here PayPal has the highest service fee and does not give you the option to cover that fee with your donation.