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June 13, 2022

We recently completed our third year of after-school programs, with an average of 25 children meeting weekly, at the Center, for games, crafts, and bible lessons. Every Sunday afternoon we offer English as a Second Language (to non-English speaking immigrants mostly from West Africa). We are continuing to assess the needs of at-risk youth in the neighborhood and their families to determine how we can best serve them through the programs that we offer. While teaching, tutoring, and mentoring we have continued in our efforts to renovate our two-story building at 113 N. Wayne Avenue, which will become the Home of the Metanoia Center. Plans and projects are continuing to give birth to the medical clinic and laundromat at 115 N. Wayne Avenue.

Our projects, at 113 N. Wayne, have been divided into two phases - Phase 1 the bottom floor which will be the home of the Metanoia Center, and Phase 2, the two apartments above, that, once renovated, will provide the revenue needed to cover the operational expenses of the Metanoia Center.

It was estimated, in 2021, that each phase would cost about $150,000 to complete. At this time, for Phase 1, we have received $120,000 in donations from churches, individuals, and grants. We are currently working through an estimate provided to us by a general contractor. The first estimate came in at $204,000. We met with the general contractor and our architect to discuss how we might reduce the estimated expenses. A week later he replied with a revised estimate of $182,838. We realize that we are short of funds by about $62,000. And with costs increasing weekly, both labor and materials, it's recommended that we look at finding an additional $80,000 to cover the increases and any contingencies to complete Phase 1.

The increase in costs, both labor and materials, since 2021 has been the primary driver between the original estimate of Phase 1 and the reality of today's estimate. Our general contractor and architect have also advised us that the longer we wait, the higher costs are likely to go. Our greatest need and urgency are to enable the Center to begin offering our full course of curriculum in a safe and inviting space, by the fall of 2022. We are seeking favor and funding from ministry partners, churches, organizations, and individuals to meet these needs in a timely manner.

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